toy clutter

Clearing Out the Toy Clutter Before the Holidays

Posted on October 31, 2018 : Posted in Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips

toy clutter

It seems a common problem: no matter how careful you are about buying toys, they begin to take over your home. Whether it’s Duplos scattered around the floor or doll accessories in every corner, most parents struggle with keeping toys under control. Especially coming into the holidays, when new toys often arrive, it makes sense to downsize your toy clutter. Here are five ways you can maximize your storage and make wise decisions about what to keep and what to let go.

Swap Toys Instead of Buying More

One of the best ways to gain new toys without adding to your clutter is to swap with a friend. If you have a playdate and your child is enamored with his dear friend’s truck? Why not find out if it’s a toy the friend still uses. Offer to find an acceptable trade at your own home, and voila! You have a new toy without adding to your stash. This also works well when your child asks for something new. For each new toy that comes into your home, choose a lesser loved item to donate or give away. While this may not clear your closets completely, it will stop the build-up of toy clutter. And at the same time, you have the opportunity to make another child’s day.

Fill Wish Lists With Experience Gifts

More and more, parents are putting experience gifts on holidays wish lists. This means requesting memberships to local attractions, movie tickets, outings with loved ones, and subscriptions services, rather than the typical toys. While this sort of gift giving may take some getting used to, it helps eliminate toy clutter while also giving you inexpensive ways to enjoy your family time throughout the year.

Try Not to Keep Things Because You Care About Them

It happens to us all. We feel so attached to those dolls or building blocks that remind us of our childhood. We just can’t stand to get rid of them even if they are never chosen for play. As hard as it can be, try to let go of those toys that are your favorites but just don’t connect with your child. You can still appreciate and remember the toys fondly without needing them in your home. And when you let those things go, you set a good example for your children.

Not All the Toys Have to Be Out at Once

While you may like offering your child variety, often children are overwhelmed by too many choices and end up making a mess. Don’t feel obligated to give your child access to all of her toys at once. Instead, consider rotating through toys each day or week, giving 2 or 3 choices at a time. Additionally, work to keep similar toys together. Blocks or pieces of play food seem to multiply when they are in several places. Keeping them all in one bin, which is only out on request, will reduce the number of times you trip over plastic bacon. This method will really help you notice which toys get played with and which are just toy clutter, giving you more to donate when the time comes.

A Place for Everything

If toys don’t have a specific home, they are destined to become toy clutter. While the idea of a general toy box is lovely, in practice most families find it less useful. One big box or several bins with all the toys thrown in require children to take all the toys out to find what they want. Instead, try to designate smaller bins for individual toys. One for cars, another for blocks, another for dress up, etc. This helps your child play well without making a mess, and it teaches them to clean up after themselves.

Toy clutter is a common problem in our society. Trinket and treasures seem to arrive at our homes from almost everywhere. Birthday parties, fast food meals, the public library, school, you name it – there’s some sort of toy coming home. By taking charge of the clutter and removing the excess, you will find an increase in your peace of mind and your child’s engagement in playtime. Before the holidays begin, take the time to make peace with your playroom. If you are searching for childcare that emphasizes caring for personal belongings, please consider Legacy Academy Greenville. We love teaching our students about good stewardship and responsibility.