best place to learn all summer

Why Legacy Academy is the Best Place to Learn all Summer Long

Posted on July 9, 2020 : Posted in Legacy Academy
best place to learn all summer

Looking for a Greenville summer program for your child? Legacy Academy is the best place for children to learn all summer long. We know that you want more for your child than the average childcare experience. That’s why we provide more. But what is it specifically that makes Legacy Academy in Greenville the best place for summer program learning? Read on to find out. 

We Use Strict Health and Safety Standards 

Let’s cover the most important topic first: health and safety. As a parent, you need excellent childcare options with your child’s health and safety in mind. 

At Legacy’s summer program, we use strict health and safety standards to protect your children and provide great childcare at the same time. We use masks, regularly check our own health, and use stringent cleaning methods for all of our surfaces. 

We Provide Excellent Childcare 

A good summer program should also provide excellent childcare, and that’s exactly what we do. That’s because Legacy Academy doesn’t just offer summer programs. We offer childcare and after school care all year long. 

Our program is staffed by trained and experienced childcare experts. This way, you’ll know that your child is getting the best. 

We Blend Fun and Education 

At Legacy’s summer program, your child will get a wonderful blend of education and fun. Here at Legacy, we know that children should enjoy learning. Our summer program builds positive memories around the learning experience, so your child can build a foundation for lifelong learning. 

We Know that Quality Matters 

At Legacy Academy, we apply the same standards to our summer programs as we do to our year-long programs. In other words, we know that quality matters. For us, quality isn’t a “one and done” situation. Once we reach our goals, we set new ones so that we can constantly improve. 

We believe that children deserve the best possible education, and they can’t get that if we don’t reach as high as we can. That’s why each of our summer programs is better than the last. 

We Use Engaging Themes to Spark Curiosity 

What’s the most important part of learning? Curiosity. Curiosity is the engine that propels learning forward. When children are encouraged to ask “what if” questions, they learn how to set their own learning pathways and find avenues for answers. 

Curiosity is like a muscle. The more you engage it, the stronger it gets, and the earlier you start using it, the better. 

That’s why Legacy’s summer program always emphasizes curiosity. We encourage children to ask questions and seek answers. 

For example, our summer program this year is called Quest for the Unknown. It’s all about curiosity, digging deeper, and learning how to find answers to one’s most pressing questions. 

Legacy Academy Summer Program 

If you’re looking for an enriching summer program, contact us at Legacy Academy today. Enrollment is still open for Quest for the Unknown as well as our regular preschool programs, the best place to learn all summer. Let us know if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.