How to Help Your Child Fall in Love with School

Posted on August 23, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Is there any better feeling than watching your child learn? Don’t you love seeing their eyes light up when a subject “clicks?” A love of learning starts early in childhood. If your child falls in love with school early, they’ll have a solid academic foundation that can last for years. From finding the right child care franchise to keeping learning fun, there are lots of things that you can do to foster your child’s love for school. We’ve listed some of our favorite ones below.

Pick the Best Franchise

Your child’s love for school starts with the best child care franchise. What makes a child care franchise better than the rest? At the end of the day, it’s about the best fit for your child. However, you can look for some signs of a great preschool. For example, your first priority should be safety. Take a tour of your child’s potential preschool and ask the staff about their safety equipment and protocols. Your child can’t enjoy learning unless they feel safe. You should also look for small class sizes, a well-established curriculum, and cheery-looking classrooms.

Familiarize Them

Once you’ve found your ideal child care franchise, it’s time to familiarize your child with the idea of preschool. If your child has never attended child care before, you can help them understand what to expect. Of course, if you have an adventurous child who loves trying new things, then you may not need to take this step. However, if your child gets a bit nervous in new situations, you can make it easier for them. You might take your child with you when you tour their new school. You might also show them pictures of what their school looks like.

Your Excitement Matters

Your child takes their cues from you, so let them know that you’re excited about preschool, too. Tell your child about all of the neat things that they’ll learn, how nice their teacher will be, and how fun it’ll be to make new friends. When you talk about preschool, always use positive and upbeat language. Your child will start to form positive associations with preschool before the first day even starts and help your child fall in love with school.

Encourage Their Progress

Now that your preschooler is attending a child care franchise, you can still encourage a love for school. One thing you can do is encourage your child’s progress with different subjects. Learning is a process. If you want your child to love learning, then they’ll need to love the process of learning and not just the achievement of being good at a subject. That’s why you should encourage your child while they’re in the middle of learning. Phrases like “I love that you don’t give up,” are really helpful. Once your child reaches a learning milestone, then you should celebrate the progress with them.

Encourage Their Friendships

Child care, especially preschool, isn’t just about academic skills. It’s also about social skills. Friendship is important at every age. When your child associates school with making friends, they’ll enjoy the experience. You can help your child foster those friendships. Start by asking your child questions like “Who did you play with today?” When your child makes friends, you can help them build those friendships by hosting playdates.

Child Care Franchise

Of course, it all starts with finding the best child care franchise, so why not join us here at Legacy Academy? Our proven curriculum, small classrooms, and play-centered learning will all help your child fall in love with school. Want to learn more about the Legacy difference? Contact us today to set up your free tour of our Greenville location.