Exciting Milestones to Look for in Your One-Year-Old

Posted on April 30, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips

Your child’s first year of life is magical. They go from being entirely dependent on you for movement, food, and everything else to learning to move on their own and even beginning to care for themselves. Most people know the milestones in this season, including crawling, sitting up independently, and beginning to eat table food. But what about your baby’s second year? After their first birthday, your baby has plenty of learning left to do. Here are a few exciting one-year milestones to look for as your child continues to grow.


This is the year you’ll really start to love the huge playground outside the Greenville Zoo! Around the time of their first birthday, most babies are walking while holding onto furniture and crawling with ease. Over the following year, babies learn to stand unsupported, walk unassisted, and even climb stairs. By their second birthday, your sweet little bundle will be speedy and agile on their feet. Additionally, they will learn to carry things while moving, meaning they can take their favorite doll or truck with them everywhere they go.


In addition to gross motor skills, the one-year milestones include plenty of fine motor growth as well. In all likelihood, your child will learn to drink from an open cup this year. Also at the table, they will begin to sometimes use cutlery to eat. Typically, one-year-olds still prefer their hands, but they begin to use a fork or spoon with some accuracy. Their little fingers will be regularly used to point accurately and pinch small items to pick them up. During arts and crafts time, your little one will begin navigating the world of crayons and pencils, scribbling and making circles.


Between ages one and two, children begin to use common nouns and names of people they know. By their second birthday, many children can put together simple sentences (two or three words). Additionally, children begin to understand far more language, including the names of familiar people, locations, and objects. Your child will begin to use “yes” and “no” correctly, either by speaking the words or nodding and shaking their head. By age two, your child will understand almost everything that you say to them.


The one-year milestones include a lot of leaps in relational understanding. This is the age when children often begin to voluntarily show affection to caregivers and other familiar people. Conversely, they may also develop separation anxiety and act bashful around new people. Your child will begin to imitate others, trying to do and say the things they see. Best of all, your child’s sense of humor will develop significantly this year, meaning they will laugh at things that are funny or silly.


Your child’s brain continues to grow rapidly throughout their second year of life. He or she will begin to play pretend with stuffed animals, play food, or make-believe tools. This is the age when they become capable of understanding and following simple requests or commands, though they will need more self-control before they can consistently listen to you, and that comes later. Your one-year-old will probably hum or sing simple songs they have heard often and may even create some of their own. Also, the one-year milestones include the ability to point out items you name, including parts of their own body.

A child’s second year of life is full of exciting and fun growth. The one-year milestones build upon the strength and abilities your child develops in their first year, giving you a capable and independent little person when their second birthday rolls around. If you are looking for childcare to help you navigate and understand the many changes your child’s second year brings, consider Legacy Academy Greenville. Call or stop by today for more information.